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Slide 1 jFlow Plus owed. After the boss fled, the workers from the Modern Artwar▓e Plant got together to demand their back pay. Finally, after the local
Slide 2 jFlow Plus labor authority got involved, the plant equipment was sold to pay off the debts. Liu got one-third ▓of his
Slide 3 jFlow Plus overdue pay. The owner of the factory lost 200,000 yuan in rent.According to the Korea Business Development
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IMAGEThe fugitive factory managers mostly operated on th▓e cheap, officials in the region said."These enterprises made few contributions to the development of the local community,▓ except hiring some local labor," said Li. He noted that many of these ROK investors had just rented existing facilities that had near-obsolete equipment, meaning they put up little money of their ow

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n. When conditions ▓worsened and the managers fled, the assets they abandoned couldn't ▓offset their liabilities -- wages, loans and rent.SDFTEC said among the 206 fugitive enterprises, 30 percent had produced ceramics and 15 percent and 13 percent had produced textiles and leathe▓r goods, respectively. Many were small, with investments of only 300,000 to 500,000 d

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